5th/6th September 2021 Journey & Dartmouth – Steam & Cruise

We started the journey down to Devon at 7am from Newcastle. A usual, very little of note on the way down except for Gloucester services. Here you could walk a little into the countryside, so we took ourselves away for the services. The bushes and shrubs were heavy with berries (some redcurrants I think, but not prepared to take the risk). There was a large dead tree amongst the lush canopy which made for an interesting picture.

A couple of shots of the coast at Babbacombe capturing the early morning before we set off on the first day’s excursion.


The coach took us to Paignton station where we boarded a steam train to take us to Kingswear. This is the fist time I’ve been on a steam train and I must admit I was as giddy as a schoolchild as the whistle sounded and we clunked into motion.

The journey took us along the coast and then the banks of the river Dart. A very pretty journey and highly recommended.

From the train station we boarded the pedestrian ferry to take us to Dartmouth. Once there, we had time for lunch before a cruise up and down the river taking in all of the sights.

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