7th September 2021 Paignton Zoo – So many beautiful animals

Today was our first free day and we decided to go to the zoo while the sun was still shining brightly (weather not too good tomorrow)

We hopped onto the open-topped bus to take us in to Paignton and on to the zoo.


The zoo is absolutely brilliant! A large collection of animals all well looked after and housed in large enclosures. Whatever you think of zoos, they play an important part in the conservation of endangered species so get my support.

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After the zoo, we went to Scoopy Doo’s Ice Cream Parlour in St Marychurch which we found online.

Both the ice cream and hospitality were amazing. If you are in the area, you must visit for one of their ice creams or sundaes. You won’t regret it (we didn’t)!

Todays flavours: Ian – Rum & Raisin, Laurie – Salted Caramel