Unknown Sailor

Grave of an Unknown Sailor in the cemetery at Cromaty

The cemetery, on the hill behind the town, comprises the Parish Churchyard (or “Gaelic Chapel Burial Ground”), with its Easter, Middle and Wester Sections; the Easter Extension; and the Wester Extension. (The Churchyard is vested in the Town Council, and the Extensions in the County and Town Councils.) It contains 74 scattered Commonwealth burials of the 1914-18 war (including those of 7 unidentified seamen of the Royal Navy), and 4 of the 1939-45 war. A War Cross is erected in the Wester (or new) Extension. Cromarty was a net-base; and the Cromarty Military Hospital contained 226 beds. In the Channel between Cromarty and Invergordon H.M.S. “Natal” was wrecked and overturned by an internal explosion on the 30th December 1915; the hull, marked by two beacons, stood out for some years above the water. There are an additional 5 non world war burials here.