Cromarty War Graves

The cemetery, on the hill behind the town, comprises the Parish Churchyard (or “Gaelic Chapel Burial Ground”), with its Easter, Middle and Wester Sections; the Easter Extension; and the Wester Extension. (The Churchyard is vested in the Town Council, and the Extensions in the County and Town Councils.) It contains 74 scattered Commonwealth burials of the 1914-18 war (including those of 7 unidentified seamen of the Royal Navy), and 4 of the 1939-45 war. A War Cross is erected in the Wester (or new) Extension. Cromarty was a net-base; and the Cromarty Military Hospital contained 226 beds. In the Channel between Cromarty and Invergordon H.M.S. “Natal” was wrecked and overturned by an internal explosion on the 30th December 1915; the hull, marked by two beacons, stood out for some years above the water. There are an additional 5 non world war burials here.