21st October 2023 North Shields – After Babet

The usual North Shields/Tynemouth circuit today.

We’d seen some of the damage on the news caused by Storm Babet which hit yesterday. Significant damage was cased to the piers and both lighthouses are out of action, the south lighthouse losing it’s top altogether.

On the Fish Quay, the newly installed sculpture of The Herring Girl by Ray Lonsdale had obviously had a hard time and has turned a very bright rust colour. I’m sure it’ll change over time as the patina builds.

The tyne was pretty calm, but towards tynemouth, it was evident that the sea was still very angry. Waves crashed over the pier and the midden rocks, and over at South Shields we could see some very high waves.

In Northumberland park, luckily little damage had been done and all the ducks and moorhens were safe and sound.

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