25th June 2023 Baden-Baden – A Spa Town in the Sunshine

After our ferry from Dover and travel through France, including and an overnight stay in Creutzwald (included here for ease) we crossed the border in to Germany, and headed to Baden-Baden, on the way to our hotel in Langenau.

Today was VERY hot (37 degrees according to the coach thermometer) so with sun cream and bottled water on-hand, we set off to explore this (very posh) spa town.

From Augustaplatz we headed upwards toward the castle, exploring the parkland surrounding it (I believe it is private property).

Back down for a walk along the Oos river. Such a lovely, tranquil place. We cam across an area which had been sown with meadow flowers, which were in full bloom and very popular with bees.

We came across one of the red gems of Baden-Baden, the Rose Society Garden. We assumed these magnificent gardens were private, but no, they are open to the public and what a joy they were!

Onwards to the hotel and the Romantic Road tomorrow!

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