MS Bolette

MS Bolette docked at Northumbria Quay, North Shields

MS Bolette, formerly named Amsterdam, is a cruise ship owned and operated by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, formerly named for the city of Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. The ship is the fourth and last ship of the Rotterdam class (R class), which includes MS Rotterdam, MS Volendam, and MS Zaandam. She was co-flagship of the Holland America Line along with her sister ship Rotterdam.

The ship’s fuel consumption is 140 tons (127 tonnes) or 39,500 US gallons (150 m³) of fuel per day at 21-knot (39 km/h; 24 mph) speed.

In July 2020 it was announced that the ship had been sold to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines for delivery in September 2020 and is expected to be renamed MS Bolette and operate mainly in Europe.