11th June 2021 Fishbourne, Bembridge & Cowes – Piglet Madness

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Another lovely day out with Michael and Marilyn.

Firt stop was Quarr Abbey. A very impressive abbey from the early 20th century, pretty unique brick-built melange. The monks rear livestock and grow vegetables, which is where the piglets come in. In the grounds there are a few pigs and loads of very naughty but very cute pigs. Shutter count went through the roof! A short walk down the the beach at Fishbourne, where the ferry brought us in at the start of our holiday.

Lunch on the beach at Bembridge (after me and Marilyn got chucked out of the Co-Op – oh, the shame!) and a long walk along the beautiful coast towards the lifeboat station. It really was like being in the Caribbean.

A last stop of to see Cowes, which you can imagine is pretty upmarket but a lovely town with it.

Another glorious day on the Isle of Wight, and a goodbye to Michael and Marilyn, the perfect hosts.