7th August 2022 Amble & Warkworth – A History Lesson

Today we started out in Amble. Very, very busy here today, but we managed to park and had a nice walk along the pier and through the market. The Amble lifeboat was coming in from an exercise and on the quay some starlings were scavenging crumbs.

Then on to Warkworth. After a lovely walk along the river we took another look at he medieval bridge which graces the town. On the banks of the river was a mallard duck with two of her ducklings, snuggling up in the grass. Super Cute!

We then decided to investigate the church of St Lawrence. We often visit Warkworth, but this is the first time we’ve explored the inside of this ostensibly Norman church. Lots to not in here, so I’ll just let the photographs do the talking.

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