27th February 2022 Wylam – Feeding the Horses

A lovely day for a visit to Wylam.

Down on the “beach” someone had left a pillar of teetering rocks, which looked great against the fast-flowing river.

Lots of snowdrops and crocuses in bloom. On the trees near the river there was a tree creeper which put on a nice display before disappearing off into the woods.

Near the allotments a bird was singing in a tree. Not sure of the species but it had a beautiful song.

The horses are aways happy to see us, so we brought them some carrots to munch. The big male was a bit of a handful, pushing the smaller horses out of the way. A co-ordinated approach is needed next time.

On the way back, the friendly robin was happy to put on a show for us, posing and singing in the branches. What are there so many robins this year?

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