9th June 2021 The Needles, Fort Victoria and Carisbrooke Castle – A Busy Day

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After meeting up with Michael & Marilyn yesterday, the plans were laid for today.

First a return to the needles after the heavy fog of Sunday. As we got there, guess what? The fog descended again. No to be beaten this time, we waited and gradually the needles appeared. I had to do some post-processing as the fog didn’t lift completely (sorry for any vignetting) but it was nice to see them in most of their glory.

Next we went to Fort Victoria near Yarmouth for a lovely walk through the country park. We stopped by the shore for a picnic of local delicious produce laid on by Marilyn & Michael. Yum!

For the afternoon, we had booked tickets for Carisbrooke Caste (we are all English Heritage members). This is a very impressive site, a large Norman (and later) castle with a wonderful chapel, hall and gardens, where Chales I was interred for the 14 months before his trial.

A wonderful day, full of laughter and sunshine!