20th March 2021 Wylam – Getting Back to Nature

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Another bright but cold and windy day.

Looking for somewhere to get close to nature, we travelled to Wylam.

In the country park, the friendly horses were enjoying their hay and were happy for us to stroke them.

Some walkers pointed out that there was a pond nearby, and sure enough, along a track was a small pond with an abundance of bulrushes. There was a distinct lack of waterfowl though, I suppose they have have better pickings elsewhere at this time of year.

There may have been no waterfowl, but there was certainly plenty of pond life. Mating season for the common toads was in full swing, and we had to be careful where we stood, so plentiful were the amphibians.

It will be nice to come back here again in the summer, to see the trees in leaf and hopefully some birds.