28th February 2021 Druridge Bay & Newbigin-by-the-Sea

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Another lovely day and another time to escape the busy North Tyneside coast.

After much perseverance, I managed to get my camera sensor clean (it’s an old Nikon D50 so not worth professional cleaning). I’m glad, as I love this camera.

We couldn’t resist another visit to see the highland cattle at Druridge Bay Country Park. The cattle were all having a lie down in the winter sunshine, and barely moved when we approached. They are so tame and a pleasure to be around.

On the lake, a pair of swans were happily gliding along, with the usual mix of ducks, moorhens and lots of noisy back-headed gulls.

On the way back, we decided to visit Newbigin-by-the-Sea. I’ve never been here and was looking forward to seeing the famous sculptures on the sea defences gazing out to sea. I left the telephoto lens in the car so all the shots today are wide-angle, which was fine for the atmospheric shots, but I will get a closer look at the sculpture in the summer.

I must admit, I was surprised how lovely the coast is here. I’m sure a lot more can be made of it.